Get Your Account

Northeastern University-London faculty and staff members will receive an email with instructions when their account is ready. Use the button below to claim and activate this account. Please read the instructions in the email carefully prior to activation.

Tech Help

Need support with activating or setting up your Northeastern account? Reach out through one of the many IT support options. Contact the IT Service Desk 24/7 for help.

Northeastern Account FAQs

Why am I getting a Northeastern sponsored account?

Northeastern University–London employees who are deemed faculty, professional, and executive committee are automatically assigned a Northeastern ( sponsored account. This provides access to Northeastern University resources needed for university business and teaching without replacing existing accounts.

Sponsored accounts are an interim solution until such a time when systems may be more fully integrated.

How do I get access to my account?

Activate the account when you’re notified by email that it’s ready. Please read the included instructions carefully. Then, enroll in Duo two-factor authentication.

How can I confirm that my account is setup?

If you have an active account and have enrolled in Duo two-factor authentication, you can log in to manage your account.

What do I get with a account?

The new online accounts are expected to make it easier than ever for faculty and staff across the global university community to communicate and collaborate with one another, from anywhere, at any time.  

For example, you may be able to better collaborate with Northeastern colleagues via Microsoft Teams from your devices or with the Teams-enabled meeting spaces on campus, access the full Microsoft 365 Office suite, use academic software licensed by Northeastern, and download Adobe cloud software.  

What email account should I use?

Your account remains your core email account and so please continue to use that for all communications. 

A mailbox will be assigned to your sponsored account. All messages sent to this account will be automatically forwarded to your mailbox so you only have one mailbox to manage. 

How do I manage my Northeastern password?

After activating a Northeastern account, update your password or manage account settings anytime using the appropriate link below. 

What will happen to my existing account?

Nothing is changing with access and email accounts at this time. You should continue to use your Northeastern-London account as you do today, including for access to NU London Canvas, Northeastern library resources, and LinkedIn Learning online courses. You can expect more information and training about leveraging some of these resources with your account.  

How long is this account good for?

The account will not expire and does not need to be renewed. Accounts are automatically retired when employment at Northeastern University-London ends.