Get Your Account

All Northeastern University–London faculty and staff members can access certain Northeastern resources with a sponsored account. Use the button below to claim and activate your account.

Tech Help

Need support with activating or setting up your Northeastern account? Reach out through one of the many IT support options. Contact the IT Service Desk 24/7 for help.

Northeastern Account FAQs

What is a sponsored account?

A sponsored account is a type of Northeastern online account that provides access to Northeastern’s computing environment to conduct official university business. It includes access to commonly used university sites and services.

Why am I getting a sponsored account?

All Northeastern University–London employees are automatically assigned a sponsored account. This provides access to Northeastern University resources needed for university business and teaching without replacing existing NCH accounts.

How do I get access to Northeastern systems?

Many Northeastern systems and resources are available on the new Employee Hub by logging in to with Northeastern sponsored account credentials. To download the Microsoft Teams app, visit

How do I manage my Northeastern password?

After activating a Northeastern account, update your password or manage account settings anytime using the appropriate link below. 

What will happen to my existing NCH account?

Nothing is changing with existing NCH accounts. Continue to log in to and access NCH accounts as you do today.