Welcome to Northeastern!

Beginning July 1, 2022, activate your Northeastern account by claiming it and setting your password. Use the button below to begin the claim process.

Tech Help at Mills College

Need support with activating or setting up your Northeastern account? Reach out through one of the many virtual and on-campus IT support options available to the Mills community. Contact the IT Service Desk anytime for help.

Northeastern Account FAQs

How do I get access to Northeastern systems?

Your Northeastern username and password will provide access to many of Northeastern’s most frequently used sites and services. Claim your Northeastern account and set your password beginning July 1, 2022.  

What is Duo and how do I set it up?

Duo is Northeastern’s two-factor authentication service, and every Northeastern account holder is required to enroll in it. Please wait approximately 30 minutes after claiming your account; then, visit 2fa.northeastern.edu to enroll in Duo. Once enrolled, manage your Duo 2FA settings at any time. 

Two-factor authentication is an extra layer of security that helps protect your online identity and personal information, as well as institutional research, data, and intellectual property.  

Will my Mills username and password still work? 

Your Mills username and password will continue to work after July 1.  

How do I manage my Northeastern password?

After activating a Northeastern account, update your password or manage account settings anytime using the appropriate link below. 

Do I get a Northeastern email address?  

Yes. A @northeastern.edu email address is provided as part of claiming your Northeastern account and your Northeastern Microsoft 365 license. Visit outlook.office.com to set it up and start using your Northeastern mailbox right away.  

  1. Visit outlook.office.com.  
  1. Enter in your Northeastern account username followed by “@northeastern.edu” and hit next. 
  1. Select Active Directory. 
  1. Use your Northeastern password.  

Learn more about accessing and using your Northeastern Microsoft 365 Email and Calendar

What about my Mills email address? 

Your access to your Mills email account will continue after you claim your Northeastern account. Expect additional information from the university after July 1 about data migration and email transition details.  

How do students, temporary employees, or guests who work with me get Northeastern accounts? 

Mills guest account holders who need a Northeastern account that includes email and a Microsoft 365 license should request a Northeastern sponsored account. As part of requesting a sponsored account, guests must identify a Northeastern full-time, benefits-eligible employee as their sponsor. Requested sponsors must agree to it and then approve the request before the account request may be processed by the university. Learn more about submitting a sponsored request account.

Where can I find my NUID number? 

Your NUID is your Northeastern employee ID number. It’s available in your Workday profile, as well as on your myNortheastern portal